Since 2006, we’ve worked on over 500 projects and have been featured in industry-leading publications.

Matt Downey

Principal / Product Designer

Bringing meaningful and creative experiences to the web is Matt’s passion. When not working, you can find him watching football (both kinds) and catching up with friends over a frosty beverage.

Adam Little

Principal / Project Manager

Adam is the Chief Overseer at 45royale. When he's not coordinating 45royale's international team of designers and developers you can find him watching the NFL and dominating his fantasy football leagues.

Jonathan Forsythe

Product Designer

Jonathan's first love is experience design, but on occasion he also lends his talents on the development side. When he's not illuminated by a computer screen, you might find him enjoying a great meal or renovating his house with his wife.

Oliver Long

Product Designer

Oliver provides tip-top web and user interface design from across the pond. When he's not designin' or eating beans on toast he can usually be found fiddling with his fantasy football team, using the timezone difference to his advantage.

Casey Nix


When Casey isn’t busy cussing out Safari and iOS, he enjoys touching Emilio Estevez’s shoulder, hanging out with his family, and riding a Mountain Bike through the forest.

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