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  • 2015 - Ongoing

Designing a responsive, mobile first solution.

When the Foursquare team learned about the work we did for Mailchimp, they contacted us to talk about creating a collection of email templates that could help them make use of the untapped potential in their apps. They’d already built a few templates that they’d used for “roll-up” emails in the past, but there were a lot of opportunities to create useful, relevant, and personalized content for their users that they hadn’t explored yet.

Since Foursquare and Swarm are mobile apps, we knew most of their users would be looking at these emails on their phones—so we knew it was critical for the emails to look great there. However, building something beautiful and functional for email is far more complex than building the same design for the web. Email templates look and work a little bit differently in every email client—not to mention there are tons of email clients out there for the web, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and so on.

This meant that most of the tricks we can get away with on the web were impossible. We had no choice but to start at square one and build something technically simple enough to work on the vast majority of popular email clients, but visually beautiful enough to carry the torch of quality design that is associated with the Foursquare brand.

Foursquare - Template 1
Foursquare - Template 2
Foursquare - Template 3
Foursquare - Template 4
Foursquare - Template 5
Foursquare - Template 6
Foursquare - Template 7
Foursquare - Template 8
Foursquare - Template 9

With the framework in place, it was time to get the creative juices flowing.

Once we were finished designing and building the framework that would serve as the basis for all of Foursquare’s emails moving forward, we got to work with them on the content that would be added to those emails.

Foursquare - Dunkin' Donuts
Foursquare - Save Location
Foursquare - Popcorn!
Foursquare - Chili!
Foursquare - Emoji
Foursquare - Application
Foursquare - Destination

An ongoing partnership.

We’ve worked with Foursquare for more than two years now, building up an impressive collection of beautifully designed emails, complete with gorgeous on-brand graphics that land in users' inboxes week after week. The ability to send out this kind of customized, highly targeted information gives them a new way of building engagement.

Oh, and we also designed an enormous ad campaign that was put up on the side of a building on Broadway in New York City. No big deal.

Foursquare - Times Square

“It is an absolute pleasure working with you. Your design eye is top notch and you always know how to bring a flair of creativity. Thanks for an awesome year!”

Josy Hamren, Marketing @ Foursquare