1. Research & Discovery

Success is never built in the dark. A Research & Discovery phase illuminates the difference between what we know and what we don’t, so that every step of our journey together takes you in the right direction.

When you’re heads-down doing work for your customers, it’s tough to pull off the blinders and gain the critical perspective you need to lead your own business to its next evolution. We take the time to learn about your capabilities, expertise, strengths, and stories, and then we combine what we learn with our own experience to map the best path forward.

Together, we'll drill down into specific business goals, step back to define project milestones, and reverse-engineer a path to structured success, so you’ll know exactly where to shine your light on your next step, and every step thereafter.

"45royale gets results. We saw a 20% increase in applications after they redesigned our website, and a tripling of email response rates. Not only do they do great design that pays for itself, but they make it fun. A strategic partner that you enjoy working with - it doesn’t get better than that!"

Michelle Unger, VP @ Financial Partners Credit Union

2. Content Strategy

Great content can help your website rise to the top of the search results, build an energetic community, and bolster your defenses against competitors that would love to get the kind of attention you earn.

We begin the content strategy process by auditing everything you’ve already published to learn how your audience finds your content, what search terms it's ranking for, and what kind of content they care about most. Once we have a clear picture of what resonates, we can help you recoup lost time and energy by focusing only on the content that gets seen and shared. From there, we'll deploy a long-term content strategy focused on giving your visitors exactly what they’re looking for.

"I've worked with 45royale for well over 5 years. So when my new product needed branding and UI quickly, the choice was obvious. 45royale was able to support our rapid timeline and deliver an experience that was easy for our customers to use and understand immediately."

Jere Simpson, Founder @ Netpure

3. Information Architecture

Information Architecture is baked into everything we do, from our process and services to the way we deliver on the challenges of design.

When you’re building for the success of your customers as much as for yourself, it’s not enough to build what you think works. You’ve got to break it apart, put it in the hands of real humans, and understand where the splinters are causing them pain. We use Information Architecture to put usability and accessibility front and center of customer’s digital experiences, identifying what customers love and why they abandon their carts or bounce from the site altogether.

By combining your vision with our discoveries about what your visitors need and how they act, we’re able to plan an informed and intuitive site structure that doesn’t have to bend to meet their needs, before the first wireframe is even designed.