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Pandera Systems
Pandera Systems

Unmatched analytics and decision automation capabilities

The folks at Pandera Systems are crazy smart. They reached out to us in the middle of launching several new Business Intelligence products.

Their outdated site didn't reflect the smart, modern company they had become. With these new products on the horizon, they wanted to give their site and marketing presence a complete overhaul.

After meeting with the team and stakeholders, it was clear that we had a few hurdles. One major issues was how we would address the content Pandera Systems already had. From marketing pages, to product and feature pages, to blog posts—there was a ton of content to consider.

We condensed and organized tons of information in to cohesive and easily-navigated pages. After we had our site map laid out, we created wireframes that focused on legibility and accessibility. We enhanced the content with updated branding, custom illustrations, and animations to help drive complex concepts home.

Their sales team was beyond excited to have a modern website to support their sales process. We even ended up delivering the site a few weeks early, beating their trade show deadline and giving the team time to polish their pitches.

Pandera Systems - Hero Banner
Pandera Systems - Driving Icon Design
Pandera Systems - Pandera Icon Design
Articulate - Email Template Design
Pandera Systems - Custom Illustration Design

Organization is key

Pandera Systems had a lot of content to sort through. Our goal was to make it cohesive and easy for potential clients to navigate.
Pandera Systems - Services Page Design