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45royale featured in .net magazine

45royale featured in .net magazine

Last October we were asked by .net magazine to take part in a makeover challenge, one of the publication’s most popular sections.

What is a makeover challenge you might ask? Well, quite simply, it’s a section of the magazine that allows readers to submit sites they think could use a little TLC and see what a professional designer would do to make things more usable and appealing. Sounds like fun, right?

We waded through nearly 200 submissions and picked a site that intrigued us, as well as posed a challenge with layout and content. We settled on Roman Leinwather’s Read Plus, a location-based RSS reader. The idea was solid, but the site didn’t quite convey the purpose of the app. We needed to help define, and then promote Read Plus in a way that shows how it’s different from all of the other RSS readers out there.

To see how we helped Roman transform his site, check out the PDF version of the article. For those of you that want a copy of the magazine (I’m looking at you mom), you can purchase back issues as well.

Written by @mattdowney

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