Create GitHub issues faster with Gitdone

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Create Github issues faster with Gitdone

Last updated: July 31st, 2018

The team and I have been working on a little web app that centers around GitHub issue creation. We’re calling it Gitdone and it allows you to quickly create issues while you’re in a meeting or doing QA.

Several months ago while I was on a conference call I had to create a bunch of issues for the final sprint of a build out.

It took me a lot of clicks on GitHub’s interface adding one issue at a time. Tabbing through fields on GitHub doesn’t help to speed things up either because certain controls require a mouse click (assignee/milestone). After expressing my frustration to the guys, we decided to see if we could come up with a better way.

Now with Gitdone it’s easy to quickly add issues without your fingers ever leaving the keyboard. List out a bunch of issues at once while you’re taking notes on a call, and then come back to add detail. Once you’re ready you can bulk submit everything at once. All on one screen.

Gitdone UI

We’re still making tweaks and improvements, but feel free to share with your friends or co-workers if you find it useful. We’d love some feedback so shoot us your questions or comment below and tell us what you think!

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Aron Griffis February 18, 2016

gitdone is a great tool, thanks guys. However the feedback link on the page doesn’t seem to be working: gets returned to sender.

Aron Griffis February 18, 2016

Sorry, I meant gets returned to sender.

Matt Downey February 18, 2016

Thanks for pointing that out, Aron! Looks like something is up with the email account. We’re looking in to it now so it should be fixed soon. We’ll keep you updated, stay tuned to this thread!

Adam Little February 18, 2016

Hey Aron,

Thanks for letting us know about the issue. I don’t think we would’ve found out about it otherwise. Somehow our MX records got removed from our DNS and mail stopped working for that address. You should be able to contact us at now without an issue.

Sorry for the trouble!

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