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The value of web design

The value of web design

Last week I wrote about how you should never stop being of service and the value of web design.

Towards the end of the article, I compared services like Squarespace to the those of an experienced a web design agency. After re-reading one of the articles I referenced from UXMag, something didn’t sit right with me.

One line in particular stuck out to me and triggered a few more ideas about the value of web design as it relates to other goods and services we spend money on.

The line was, Why hire a web designer if you can achieve a fairly acceptable design for a fraction of the cost using a template?”. Let’s take a closer look at that.

Did you really just use “fairly acceptable” to describe the value of web design?

C’mon. “Fairly acceptable” is not how consumers shop for important items, goods, or services.

If I’m having a cookout, sure, I’ll buy some “fairly acceptable” paper plates and napkins. But you better believe my meat and the grill I cook it on are going to be top of the line. And they should be. I purchase high quality cuts of meat and a proper cook surface because that’s what I’ll ultimately be judged on: the outcome of the product.

“Fairly acceptable” is not how consumers shop for important items, goods, or services.

The same thing is true inside my house. If I’m remodelling my home, I wouldn’t spend time and money looking for a “fairly acceptable” kitchen design. Or a “fairly acceptable” entertainment system setup. So why on earth would I do that for my product, website, or application?

Customizing a pre-existing feature set

With services like Squarespace, it’s up to you to customize a pre-existing feature set they’ve already established. As such, they typically only support said pre-existing features. Them’s the breaks.

A web design studio like ours will do much, much more. We’ll help you consider and build all the features and functionality you need for your unique product. You won’t be boxed in by a pre-existing feature set. In fact, we’ll create your very own feature set just for you. And by doing so, your product will inherently have a unique look and feel to differentiate you from market competition. What a concept!

Need another example? Think of it this way: if we all bought clothes the way people purchase web sites from Squarespace, we’d all look the same. Sure, we’d be wearing “fairly acceptable” and affordable shirts from the Walmarts of the world. But that’s not what people want. They want to stand out. And they’re willing to pay a premium for thoughtful design, quality materials, and unique cuts and styles.

We can coexist

There’s no question that services like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly have taken a chunk of the market. But in our opinion, it’s the bottom portion of the market. The portion of the market that has budget constraints and just needs to put up a simple marketing page. That’s fine. It’s why these services exist and what they’re good at.

But when you need a custom, well thought-out solution that turns your idea in to a product, that’s where an experienced web design studio comes in.

We’ll be able to take you from point A to point Z and back again because we know your goals, your business, and which metrics meet both. And there won’t be anything “fairly acceptable” about it.

Written by @mattdowney

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