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We met Specless at our favorite co-working space, Strongbox West. They’re based in Chicago, but also have an office here in Atlanta. After sitting down with them, it was clear that their current web efforts didn’t reflect the company and product they’d become.

They knew that they needed to change their presentation, so they engaged us to help them reimagine everything from the ground up. They had a clear vision of what they didn’t want, which definitely helped to inform the design process. We went through several iterations, trying to find the perfect match for their ideal brand and messaging. With a hands-on and collaborative approach, we ended up with a product we were all happy with.

Specless - Home

A fresh start

Knowing that they needed to change their presentation, we helped Specless reimagine every aspect of their site from the ground up.

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Specless - Branding
Specless - Ditch the Specs